TRIONAUTS / Down to Earth
Tino Derado                  Fender-Rhodes
Scott White                   Upright-Bass
Emanuel Hauptmann    Drums & Perc.
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TRIONAUTS-CD-Production :
Recorded & Mixed:       E. Hauptmann 
Assist.-Ing.:                   David Brohl
Berlin:                            MPM-Tonstudio

Mastered:                      Jörg Surrey
Berlin:                            Teldex-Studios
Cover- & Web-Fotos       Bernhard Volkweinhttp://www.bernhardvolkwein.comshapeimage_1_link_0
Compositions :
Emanuel Hauptmann / Tino Derado
Bob Marley / Chris Cornell
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“Down to Earth“
1.   Redemption Song
2.   Down to Earth
3.   Nothing more to say
4.   Black hole sun
5.   Just a littel Spring
6.   Standing Still
7.   Kind Words
8.   Continuum
9.   Joey Z
10. Misunderstanding
warm, vintage, 
ambient sound             Available for € 15,-
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Featured Guest-Artists and friends
that performed or recorded with TRIONAUTS :
Roland Neffe               (vib. & marimba)
Björn Werra                 (bass)
Goetz Gruenberg        (t-sax)
Ignaz Dinne‘                (t-sax)
Pepe Berns                 (bass)
Josh Ginsburg            (bass)
Alfred Mehnert            (perc.)
Down to Earth